Ben L'Oncle Soul

Click on the image to hear the song

Ben L’oncle Soul‘s version of “Seven Nation Army” is almost as good as the original by The White Stripes.  However, his mo-town funk version of the rock song places it in a completely new genre that makes the two almost incomparable.

I first heard this song in a restaurant in Monaco and immediately became obsessed with the building trumpets, hopping piano licks, and soulful vocals.  I immediately went to the nearest record store and bought 3 copies: one for myself and one for each of my siblings.

Ben L’oncle Soul, meaning “uncle of soul,” combined two of my favorite things in the creation of this remix: the feel-good groove of mo-town and the unforgettable lyrics (and bass line) of The White Stripes classic.

If you don’t know the original version, you’ve been living under a rock.  As much as I love Ben L’oncle Soul’s version of the song, nothing will ever replace the original – but this version might make you dance a bit more.


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