Free People Fringe Leather Jacket

Free People Fringe Leather Jacket

My favorite things about the Fall season (besides the colorful leaves and delicious turkey feast) are the jackets and boots!  Being someone who gets cold very easily, I have a slight obsession with jackets.  Once the Fall weather comes, I can’t wait to break out my favorites from the back of the closet.

A good jacket is a staple to any outfit.  You can wear merely jeans and a plain t-shirt, and the right jacket will make the outfit phenomenal.  If only the Texas summers would allow me to wear jackets, I’d wear them all year long.

Yesterday I purchased my first jean jacket since middle school from Urban

Frye Harness Boots

Frye Harness Boots from Allen's Boots

Outfitters‘ “Urban Renewal” section.  I have realized that finding the perfect jean jacket, as is true with leather jackets, is like buying art.  You can look at a million different styles, colors, sizes and still find that something isn’t quite right- but once you find the perfect one, you know it.  It wears like skin.  It’s your jacket soulmate.  Unfortunately for me, my jacket soulmates tend to be the ones I can’t afford.

Boots are another thing us poor-blood-circulation people love.  They are easy and warm.  I like buying a half size too big so I can wear big wool socks underneath.  (Yes, I know I live in Texas – an argument could be made that I’m cold-blooded.)  With fabulous styles of boots available this Fall, boots may become the new staple to my wardrobe.  Austinites: check out local boot company Allen’s Boots.  They have more than just cowboy boots.


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  1. chameleonic says:

    Love the boots! they’re perfect for fall!

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