The Soldier Thread

Click on image to hear "Anybody"

Austin based band, The Soldier Thread, combines escalating keyboards, clear vocals, and blunt lyrics to create a sound that will make you (as their lyrics repeat) just not “give a f*ck” about anything else.

I first heard the tune “Anybody” on Austin radio station, 101x.  I instantly became obsessed.  You can’t help but sing along to the catchy chorus backed by intense electronics and building drums.  The song also features Austin rapper, Zeale.

The band, having only formed in 2007, consists of four males – Todd Abels (guitar, keyboard, backup vocals), Justin McHugh (keyboard, guitar, backup vocals), Drew Vandiver (drums), Chance Gilmore (bass guitar) – and one female: Patricia Lynn (lead vocals, viola, keyboard).  The band performed as the opening act for the Blue October tour this past Spring, helping them leap into the spotlight.

With “Anybody” as my first true love of theirs, I am now discovering other gems from their album, Spades.  Check out this acoustic video of “Oxygen”:

Come out to their next all-acoustic show at Frank in Austin on October 15th featuring openers Rebecca Butler and The Richards (yes, this is me) and The Shears.  Make sure to show up early; rumors are they tend to be packed.


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