Freddie Mercury

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There would be no point in my describing the harmonious, orchestral, and all around epic aspects of Queen‘s music because you already know these things.

So I’m just going to tell you why I love their song Don’t Stop Me Now with such a passion. The song is basically the ultimate feel-good song.

Freddie Mercury sings, “Tonight I’m gonna have myself a real good time.  I feel alive and the world it’s turning inside out, yeah.  I’m floating around in ecstasy so don’t stop me now.  Don’t stop me ’cause I’m having a good time.”

When I listen to this song I transform into an overly-dramatic, large-gesturing “shooting star leaping through the sky.”  Maybe I transform into Freddie Mercury (I wish).

You cannot listen to this song and feel sad.  It’s just not possible.  If you listen to the song and by the end you are still feeling upset, you’re doing something wrong.  Try again.

Psst – Have you heard the rumors that Queen wants Lady Gaga as the new lead singer? I don’t know how I feel about this.  I’m all for Lady Gaga, but she’s no Freddie Mercury. Thoughts? Read more.


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  1. MusicMan512 says:

    I think gaga is great in her own way, but Freddy Mercury is absolutely irreplaceable so I completely disagree with them trying to replace him. However I don’t oppose the idea of Queen and Gaga getting together if it’s to form a completely new project. they could go under a new name like ‘Queen Gaga’. It would be a match made in heaven I think, as Lady Gaga did draw inspiration for her name from Queen’s classic song ‘Radio Gaga’. Very interesting indeed.

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