The Walking DeadLast night marked the premier of Season 2 of AMC‘s The Walking Dead.  Three words: gory suspenseful success.

I must admit I was a little weary at the start of the episode titled “What Lies Ahead.” It began with a monologue from Officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) that I found to be a bit redundant (as if it were an series recap) and pretty cheesy.  It was hard to tell whether my distaste was for the acting, the writing, or both in the introduction scene, but the episode quickly took a turn for the better once the initial scene was out of the way.

Perhaps the most gruesome scene was when Grimes and Dayrl Dixon (Norman Reedus) decide to rummage through the insides of a dead walker (zombie).  The sound effects, nauseatingly realistic props, and Linclon’s facial expressions all made for a perfectly disgusting scene.  Boys everywhere: rejoice.  The episode’s surprise ending will have you yelling at your TV screen for answers.

The series, based on a graphic novel of the same title, first aired last year.  With only 6 episodes in the first season, The Walking Dead was nominated for several awards including 3 Emmys and a Golden Globe.

Take a look at the trailer for Season 2:


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