We Found Love Still Rihanna

"We Found Love" video still

Rihanna may be one of the only people in the world who can get away with sporting fire-truck red hair; however, the media won’t seem to let her slide on the content of her latest music videos.

Her video for her song Man Down began a large controversy as it tells the story of a girl who is raped and then takes revenge by killing her rapist.  Concerns have been raised about the video’s violence and the message it portrays to its audience.  On the other hand, many are commending Rihanna for bringing such an important issue to the light.

Even more recently, her newest released video for her song We Found Love is gathering some serious heat as well.  The video depicts scenes from a roller-coaster relationship involving many altercations and a lot of drug use.  Many have called this video “too racy,” and have pointed out some resemblances to the singer’s previous relationship with Chris Brown.

While I do believe these videos push the envelope to a certain extent, what great artist hasn’t? Madonna? Elvis?  Not that I’m saying Rihanna is comparable to Madonna or Elvis quite yet, but at least she is trying to deal with some important issues in her music.  That’s more than I can say for most pop music today (ahem: Katy Perry and Ke$ha).

Check out the videos and let me know your thoughts:


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