Regine Chassage glovesYou won’t find a single picture from an Arcade Fire show where front woman, Régine Chassagne, lets her hands go naked.  She clearly has a fabulous glove obsession, and now, thanks to her, so do I.

Each time she performs or makes an appearance, she sports different colors and designs of these fingerless gloves.  Many of her dance moves in her performances involve grand hand gestures and now we know why.  How could you not let your hands dance around when dressed in these beauties? My real question, however, is: where does she get them?  And why hasn’t there been more talk of them?  They’re wonderful!Regine Chassagne Gloves

My first experience of Arcade Fire live was at the 2011 Austin City Limits music festival and her gloves were the first thing I noticed when the camera paused on Chassagne on the big screen.  They are like the female version of Michael Jackson’s one glove – sparkly, decorated, beaded, showy: fantastic.

Regine Chassange GlovesThey are the perfect costume to compliment the many hand instruments she plays including the accordion, drums, piano, xylophone, and many others.


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  1. Annar Verold says:

    I really,really like this post!
    I thought it was a fascinating observation!
    Régine Chassagne is so incredible.

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