Aldo Caratauc Wingtip Oxfords

Aldo 'Caratauc' Wingtip Oxford

After so many posts about women’s shoes, it’s about time I helped the fellas out a bit in the shoe department.  I found these awesome Fall shoes for men while helping my brother and brother-in-law shop, so I thought I’d share.

A popular trend in men’s shoes this season are the new casual versions of the classic wingtips and oxfords.  I found a great pair from Aldo Shoes, the ‘Caratauc’ Wingtip Oxford.  These are a great versatile option – the roughed-up leather as opposed to a shinier leather makes these shoes more appropriate for everyday use.  The faded color gives them a nice, worn look.  The toe isn’t too long, as is common with many oxfords, and the wingtip detailing creates a classic look.

Zara Greased Blucher

Zara Greased Blucher

Another choice for the casual wingtip brogue style is the Greased Blucher from Zara. These are a much more casual version (unable to be dressed up as the ones from Aldo are, but great for everyday use).  They are a hybrid of a wingtip brogue and a sneaker.  I can’t speak for their comfort, but they look like a practical option for regular wear.  The combination of canvas and leather gives them a very distinct look, and the wingtip detailing dresses up the usual sneaker.

Aldo Goldammer Boot

Aldo Goldammer Boot

Lastly, and possibly my favorite of the bunch, is the Goldammer Laced Boot from Aldo.  You need a bit more guts to pull these off, but they’re fantastic.  The shiny distressed leather is perfect for a t-shirt and jeans or something a bit more formal.  They’re sleek and classic, with a slight edge.  The higher ankle-cut of the boot makes them a bit nicer to have in the Fall, and also a bit more bad ass if you ask me.

Best part: they’re all under $150.


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