Anthony Gonzolas M83

Anthony Gonzolas

This song should have been the theme song for Drive.  The high-pitched squealing synth, pulsing bass lines, and breathy vocals of M83 scream the 80s; however, this single was only released earlier this year.  I guess the 80s really are coming back around.

The band hailing from Antibes, France is the brainchild of French musician Anthony Gonzolas, along with the help of Yann Gonzolas, Morgan Kibby, and Loïc Maurin.  Their effect-heavy music slightly resembles that of musicians such as Passion Pit and Ghostland Observatory, but I have higher hopes for M83 (as live performances by Passion Pit were a huge disappointment).  The song “Midnight City” from their latest album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming seems to be backed by much more talent – changing dynamics and heavy layering reflects a good amount of time and thought.

I first heard this song during the previews to the Alamo Drafthouse’s October event line up.  Since then I feel like I’m encountering it everywhere, and each time I can’t help but dance and try to imitate the melody of the synth.  It’s incredibly catchy and fun.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see M83 on next year’s ACL Festival line up.  I just hope the rest of their album and their live performances live up to their hype.


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  1. […] here are my suggestions for the ones I know won’t disappoint: M83 (who I just mentioned in yesterday’s post), The Joy Formidable (obsessed with their new song “Whirring”), Ra Ra Riot, Mates of […]

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