Dia De Los Muertos bouquet

Dia de los Muertos themed bouquet

My sister just recently got engaged, and as the maid of honor (and crazy sister) I have been a part of every step of the planning process so far.  Because of this, I know way too much about weddings; therefore, I will be starting a wedding series to share the cute ideas that I have found.

Bouquet by Pollen Floral Art

Bouquet by Pollen Floral Art

Along with a caterer, venue, and photographer, deciding on a florist is one of the first things you should do when planning a wedding, as they book-up fast.  This also means deciding on a color scheme.

Bouquet by Pollen Floral Art

Bouquet by Pollen Floral Art

While searching through hundreds of bouquet photos, I have found that I tend to really love bouquets that are a bit surprising, whether it be because they’ve used unusual colors, plants or even just simply tied the bouquet off with an unusual material.

My sister decided to go with Austin florist, Pollen Floral Art, for her wedding.  Their arrangements are beautiful and original – they’ll often throw in succulents, curled baby fern, or even ruffled Kale.  Anything but your standard roses. They describe their style to be “earth inspired,” and you can see why.


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