All In One Invitation


They say you should send out save-the-dates about 6 months before the wedding, and then actual invitations about a month before.  With so many different events surrounding a wedding the amount of paper you use can really pile up (as can the amount of money you spend).

All in One Invitation Forever Fiances

Folded invitation via

I’ve found an amazing website that reduces costs and helps the environment all at the same time.  Forever Fiances sells 100% recycled wedding invitations and save-the-dates, but the best part is: they’re plantable!  Their announcements are handmade on seeded paper that, when planted, yields wildflowers.

While initially they seem a bit pricier than other options, the “All in One Invitations” are actually a great deal.  The paper folds into a sealed card with a detachable response card that is sent back as a postcard.  This cuts out the use of envelopes entirely, and there is no need to order response cards separately.  The company also makes other invitations where guests RSVP online.

Another way to save money is by recruiting your creative relatives.  Often it feels more special if the invitations are handmade by someone you love, even if they aren’t perfect. Check out this amazing pop-up invitation for some inspiration (pictured below) for a wedding in the woods of California, via

Handmade wedding invitation




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