I know the following statement may make me “un-American,” but my favorite part about Thanksgiving isn’t the feast itself (or the giving of thanks, though that is nice).  I am most thankful for the inspiration Thanksgiving lent to the Thanksgiving sandwich.

Thanksgiving Sandwich

They taste better than they look, via babble.com

I could eat sandwiches day and night, for every meal of the day.  Since I have moved to Austin, I have been on the search for an incredible sandwich joint (it was previously O’Brien’s Boulangerie in Del Mar, California); however, my efforts have been primarily unsuccessful.  Sure, Whole Foods make some really tasty sandwiches such as the Mopac and the Barton Springs, but nothing that has me craving it everyday.

Needless to say I was disappointed in the quality sandwich selection in Austin (sorry Thundercloud, subs don’t count as quality sandwiches).  That was until I tried the Smoked Turkey Sandwich at Austin Java.  I like to call it the Thanksgiving Sandwich, as it comes with cranberry sauce spread across one half.

If you’re in Dallas, I will also endorse the Thanksgiving Wrap from Roly Poly.  A homemade one is always delicious too of course, but I don’t usually keep my fridge stocked with cranberry sauce and stuffing; although, maybe I should.


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