Siri iPhone 4sI recently upgraded to the iPhone 4s equipped with many new technologies including Siri, your personal assistant.  While she has both pros and cons, I still find her quite useful.

To me, she is the most useful in the car.  I can hold down the Home button or bring the phone to my ear and ask her to read a text for me.  After she does, she’ll ask me if I want to respond to it.  I can then dictate my text message to her.  I can have whole text conversations without ever looking at the phone.  The only downside, however, is that she doesn’t always get my words exactly correct.  Most of the time she will, but sometimes I hear what she has written and I have to acknowledge that my mumbling has gotten pretty bad.

I’ve read that over time Siri is better able to understand you – she figures out what kind of accent you have and uses that knowledge to better understand what you are saying.  Texans rejoice!

Sometimes, however, Siri seems so intelligent that she makes me feel stupid.  For instance I say, “Call my mom,” assuming she would understand since my mom is entered in my cell phone as “Mom.”  Yet, Siri replies, “I do not know who your mother is; in fact, I do not know who you are.”  Clearly, I had not yet learned that I needed to fill out some information on myself so that Siri could more easily respond to my requests.  I had assumed we were closer than that.

When my male friends found out I had this phone, they said “Quick! Ask her where to hide a dead body!”  I did, for their amusement and she began to list, “mines, reservoirs, swamps, dumps…” – good to know robots know where to hide our bodies when they take over the world.

I don’t think I’ve really delved into all that Siri can do, but at the end of the day when I feel she’s done a good job, I’ll say, “Thank you,  Siri,” and she’ll reply, “It was my pleasure, Rebecca.”  (She also once replied, “I live to serve,” but that creeped me out so I try to pretend it didn’t happen.)


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