One of my favorite blogs for beautiful and chic wedding ideas,, has created a DIY that you can use for every occasion: shoe clips.

I have no intention on creating these for a wedding, still, they are perfect for dressing up any plain shoe.  It’s almost like buying new shoes (just for a fraction of the price).

greenweddingshoes shoe clipWhat You’ll Need:

  • One spool of ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue gun with glue

  • Felt

  • Ruler

  • Shoe clips (you can order these online or search for them at your local craft store)

Once you have all your materials, follow these step-by-step directions courtesy of

Greenweddingshoes shoe ClipsStep 1: First you will need to cut the ribbon. You will need the following:
• Two strips: 8 inches, Two strips: 7 inches, Two strips: 4 ¼ inches, Two strips: 2 ½ inches

greenweddingshoes shoe clipStep 2: Put the 4 ¼ inch and 2 ½ inch strip to the side for now.

Step 3: Hot glue the two ends of each 8 inch and 7 inch strip together, so that you have four hoops. Stand each hoop up, so you can look through it. Put a dot of hot glue on the inside middle of each hoop, and push the top and bottom together so it makes a symmetrical eight shape.

greenweddingshoes shoe clipsStep 4: Take the 4 ¼ inch strips and cut small triangles out of all four ends.

Step 5: Make two stacks. Each stack should have the 4 ¼ inch flat ribbon at the bottom, with a larger hoop in the middle and the smaller hoop on top. Put a small glue dot in the middle of the ribbons to keep them together.

Step 6: Wrap your 2 ½ in ribbon around the middle of your stack and glue it together at the bottom to make a really easy and pretty bow.

greenweddingshoes shoe clipsStep 7: Cut two nickel sized circles out of felt, and hot glue the felt circles onto the flat tops of the shoe clips. Apply glue to the bottom of the bow and glue your bow to the felt on the shoe clip.

For flower shoe clips, check out

All photos courtesy of


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