Heart Wedding Cake

Last night I participated in one of the wedding planning events I’ve been most looking forward to: the cake testing.  Strangely, however, my family and I aren’t big cake people (unless you’re talking about carrot cake or the band).  Needless to say, we had tastings of 6 different styles of carrot cake – buttercream frosting with cream cheese filling, buttercream frosting with pineapple filling, etc.cupcake wedding cake

It was delicious.

However, when we found out that it would cost upwards of $500 to have cake at a wedding of people who don’t even really like cake, we started brainstorming some fun alternatives.

Wedding Candy StationOf course, there is always the cupcake tower and mini cakes, both which eliminate the need to cut individual pieces – but they’re still cake.

Many people also choose to do “candy stations” to give their guests options.  Or you could choose to do an assortment of individual pastries: pies, tarts, creme brule, etc.

My sister thought of the idea of having milkshakes instead of wedding cake and I’m completely on board.  They couldn’t be a more perfect option to cool off guests at a hot summer wedding.  You could arrange them in a tower to imitate a wedding cake (as they did in the picture to the right); and instead of the cake-cutting ceremony, the bride and groom could share a milkshake with 2 straws. And with this, of course, comes the option of having a milkshake “topping station” – oh the possibilities!

Here are a couple other cute DIY cake alternative ideas I found at greenweddingshoes.com (of course): Cupcake topping bar, Pie in a jar.


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