Austin is known for its young and vibrant inhabitants, that’s why it was a perfect candidate for 24/7 comedy station, 102.7 fm, which it gained just earlier this year.


I was skeptical of this at first – often you have to watch the comedian acting out the joke on a screen or in person to fully understand the meaning.  However, the comedy shorts on the station are well chosen so that you can laugh along with the recorded audience.  What a perfect way to entertain yourself while stuck in traffic.

The station features big-name comedians such as Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Dave Chappelle, and Ray Ramano; but also plays a large variety of lesser known comedians.  They state the name of each comedian at the end of their short so that you can remember the names of those who like (and bitch about those who you don’t).

Check out a few of my favorite sketches I heard on the station today:

John Mulaney – “Subway Station Chase

Patton Oswalt – “Jet Blue


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