Flower escort cardsLately, having your escort cards double as wedding favors seems to be a popular choice.

I’ve seen it done a thousand ways, but the card/favor combinations are some of my favorites – they’re cute, creative, and more affordable.

Plant place cardsA popular and eco-friendly choice is to create your place cards with some sort of plant or flower (see top and left pictures).  This not only directs your guests to their seats, but also provides them with a gift they can keep that will continue to grow or bloom (not to mention, it adds more decoration to your tables!)cassette escort cards

When your wedding has a theme, or even something that you and your spouse just really enjoy, people often choose to make their place cards fit in with this theme.

For example, a couple chose to have a Beatles inspired wedding with each table named after a different Beatles album, so they used cassettes as place cards.  Each cassette tape had a name and table number printed on it, along with the name of the Beatles song that they recorded on the tape (see picture to the right).  Best part: you can do it all yourself! Assuming you still own your old tape recorder.

All photos courtesy of greenweddingshoes.com


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