WilfredQ: What’s Wilfred?
A: The TV show with Elijah Wood and the guy in the dog suit.

The series on FX is based on the Australian series of the same name – in fact it features the same actor, Jason Gann playing the dog named Wilfred.

This trippy show follows Ryan (Elijah Wood), a young man in the midst of a quarter-life crisis.  However, things begin to change for Ryan once he meets Wilfred, his neighbors dog; well at least that’s how the rest of the world sees him.  Instead, we see Wilfred just as Ryan does – a large Australian man in a dog suit.  In many ways he acts like a dog (i.e. sniffing, chasing, humping stuffed animals), and in many ways he doesn’t (i.e. speaking English, smoking pot, trying out different sexual positions with his stuffed animal).

It’s almost as if we can speak Dog.  Wilfred still chases cars and barks at people, only instead of hearing a dog bark, we hear the actual words he is saying.  Although this reality may take a second to get used to, that’s all it will take before you’re cracking up.

The show’s first season was aired this summer; and while there is not yet a specific date, Wilfred will be returning for a second season.  It can’t come quickly enough.

Check out a couple of my favorite Wilfred promos, and then go watch the full episodes on FX:


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