Picture this: One man with guitar in hand, left foot keeping time on a bass drum, right foot tapping a tambourine stand for accent, all the while singing with power and grit into the microphone at his lips.

Sound impossible?

Not for Austin musician Shakey Graves.

Shakey Graves

Let’s first give him a hand for his badass stage name.  And then, more importantly, for his astoundingly original act.  There isn’t one part that’s lacking.

I was lucky enough to catch his show last night at Hole in the Wall.  This one man band sounds more full than most multi-piece bands.  Shakey’s abundant use of vocal reverb echos through the entire room as if there were five of him; and his rhythm on guitar, bass drum, and tambourine is impeccable.  His audience was utterly mesmerized – he even had a few standing ovations.

His recorded music is beautiful (holiday gifts anyone?); still, it doesn’t do justice to his live act.  If you get the chance to see him perform, do.  I have the feeling he’ll be moving on to bigger things soon.  Really soon.

Check out one of my favorites from him, “Roll the Bones”:

Photo courtesy of Shakey Graves Tumblr


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