This year will be my first with my own Christmas tree.  That being said, I am seriously lacking on the decorations.  Instead of purchasing everything, I’d like to make some of it myself.

Free People’s blog, BLDG 25, recently featured a DIY Christmas Ornaments post which not only will save you money (ornaments can be pretty expensive), but is also just plain fun.

DIY ornament

What You’ll Need:

  • Clear plastic ball ornaments (these can be found at Hobby Lobby, other craft stores, or online)

  • Other small decorations (i.e. glitter, yarn, fake feathers, fake flowers, figurines)

  • Thin ribbon or thread – for hanging the ornament

  • Optional: glue – hot glue gun or fabric glue (only if you want a decoration to stay in place inside the ball)

What to do:

This is the fun part – there are no specific directions for how to make your ornaments since each one is different, but here are some ideas for inspiration:

DIY ornament

Snowglobe ornament: Glue both yarn and figurine in place, include loose white glitter

DIY Ornament

Flower Ornament: fake flowers and glitter (optional)

DIY ornament

Feather ornaments: fake feathers (color of choice) and glitter (optional)

DIY ornament

Finished ornaments attached to neon string

Photos courtesy of BLDG 25 blog


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