Lately I’ve found myself decked out from head to toe in Madewell wear as if I was a Madewell mannequin.  Ordinarily I’d be slightly embarrassed of my clear lack of originality, but their clothes are too cute to care.

Not only are they cute, but practical for the season.  Here are some of my Winter favorites all rolled into a single picture:

MadewellMadewell’s Spotdot Sweater is a warm blend of cotton and wool (cotton ensures that it’s not itchy).  Can be paired with jeans or a skirt and tights.  Cozy and stylish – check the runway, polka dots are back!

Madewell makes all of my favorite jeans, and at a decent price.  This photo features the Skinny Skinny jeans (honored in this year’s Style Watch denim awards).  They come in as many colors as you could possibly think of, so you can wear them for almost every occasion.

Lastly (but perhaps the most important aspect of the outfit) are the Dr. Marten’s 1460 8-Eye Pony Boots.  Do I even need to explain why these are wonderful? No, but I will anyway.  Owning at least one pair of Doc Marten’s is important for every girl – owning THIS pair is even better.  They’re practical for colder weather, can be paired with jeans or a skirt and tights, and the pony hair pattern makes any outfit more interesting and eye-catching.  They’re fun without being over the top.


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