The Walking Dead ZombieZombie movies are all virtually the same, give or take slight plot variations.  Still, they are an unstoppable force in the entertainment industry.

The modern, flesh-hungry zombie was first popularized by George Romero’s film, Night of the Living Dead in 1968.  After all this time, audiences are still entertained by the same zombie-plague scenario.

However, AMC‘s television show The Walking Dead, which premiered last year, has brought something slightly new to the zombie table.  The zombies presented in the series, or “walkers” as they call them, are still the rotting, “flesh-starved,” reanimated human corpses that we have come to know and love; however, they are no longer presented simply as mindless, “lethargic sleepwalkers” (via Joshua Gunn). 

The Walking Dead zombiesThe Walking Dead zombies are faster than your ordinary walking dead.  They no longer slowly drag their decomposing body after you; these zombies become speed-walkers when they see a good piece of flesh.  The “walkers” also have a heightened sense of hearing – scream or shoot a gun and they’ll come running (or at least walking fast).

So what does all this contribute to the show?

A more intensified zombie apocalypse scene for the show’s characters; and with that suspense, a more entertaining zombie show – and you thought that wasn’t possible.


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